Don’t believe it

There’s a lot of uncertainty about what is going to happen to charitable gifts in 2018 when fewer people itemize deductions on their tax returns. Much of the reporting about this issue has asserted that the nonprofit sector is headed for a big loss; as if America’s safety net sector needed more reasons to feel overburdened and under-appreciated. Perhaps these prognosticators are correct. But perhaps not. The vast majority of donors with whom I work give because they are committed to creating a more just and sustainable world. These generous souls will continue to invest in their favorite causes with or without a tax deduction because they believe in the work and receive value from being aligned with morally courageous endeavors. Let’s not contribute to the echo chamber prematurely spreading news of our demise. Instead, let’s be clear about our own narrative. Our nonprofit sector is uniquely American, uniquely powerful and uniquely positioned to be a force for good in 2018.