Help for Individuals & Foundations

Wise Giving strengthens the work of individual donors and foundations in the areas of:

  • Strategy
  • Governance
  • Grantmaking
  • Adherence to nonprofit law
  • Communications
With bestselling author Isabel Allende and Lori Barra, executive director of the Isabel Allende Foundation.

Our services are available on a personalized, confidential basis, and help you realize the greatest possible impact of your energy and generosity over time.

We can help you:

  • Define your vision and mission, and create a strategic giving plan
  • Determine whether you are best served by establishing a donor-advised fund, a private foundation, or an individual giving plan
  • Identify the most promising opportunities within your areas of interest
  • Conduct thorough due diligence of potential grantees
  • Develop legally prudent procedures and documents for U.S. and international grantmaking
  • Establish and communicate selection criteria for and to potential grantees
  • Put in place grant agreements, monitor grantee progress, and assess results
  • Network with other philanthropists and stay abreast of important trends in your fields of interest
  • Assist with co-generational planning, transitions and/or plans to spend out your fund
  • Prepare press releases, annual reports, board dockets, web materials, and reports
  • Plan and manage special events


  1. Gregg Aronson says

    I donate to several charitable organizations over the internet (usually one time donations) once or twice a year. How do I keep them from sending solicitations over USPS mail. Some of them also sell my information to other charities. What I think is even worse is that some of them waste what I have sent them by spending huge amounts of money sending me more solicitations with unsolicited trinkets and junk.
    Is there a way to get this under control?

    • My experience is that if you write to the nonprofit and tell them you are happy to support their work but do not want to receive any solicitations by mail, they will note that in their database and comply. I also explicitly share that I do not need or want any gifts. As for selling your data, there are data protections in place to prevent this. Ask the nonprofit in writing to confirm that they will not sell your personal data. If they are not able to confirm that they will comply with your wish, you may want to support another organization. That is a personal decision only you can make.

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