AB 2855 is a bad bill. Help stop it.

CalNonprofitsIntroduced by Assemblymember Jim Frazier, AB 2855 places duplicative and unnecessary requirements on nonprofits and then imposes penalties that are far out of proportion for noncompliance. The bill fuels misconceptions about nonprofits and overhead, relying on stories of a few high-profile scam charities to create an undue burden on all. Importantly, it does nothing to protect the public from bad players. CalNonprofits is organizing a campaign to stop the bill and you can help. First, for more information, read their open letter to Assemblymember Frazier to familiarize yourself with the issues. Second, Frazier’s office now with this simple message: “I am asking you to withdraw AB2855.”  Call 916-319-2011 today. Then pass this information on to your nonprofit colleagues and ask them to oppose AB 2855.